Powderlys now offers a full range of BioGuard Chemicals along with a state of the art water testing system.

Customers are invited to bring along a water sample so that our team of experts can tell you exactly what is needed to keep your pool in good condition through the winter months.

We offer service, repairs and installation to all major brands of pumps including: Monarch (Davey), Onga, Hurlcom and Poolrite.

Powderlys also supply and install filters, chlorinators, Zodiac cleaners and spares and Pool Accessories.

Our product range includes

  • Filters
  • Chlorinators
  • Pumps - Davey, Hurlcon, Poolrite, Onga
  • Chemicals - chlorine, sanitizers, balance paks, optimisers, algaecides, scale eliminator, filter cartridge cleaner, salt cell cleaner, clarifying tablets, spa chemicals, salt, acid
  • Zodiac Cleaners and spare parts
  • Accessories - brushes, leaf scoops, vacuum heads, drain covers, ducks, leisure products



  • BioGuard
  • LoChlor
  • R70
  • Aussie Gold
  • Spa Guard
  • Ezy Clean
  • Austral
  • Molytec
  • Science Products
  • Poppit
  • Olson Salt
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